Wales win thriller for 3rd crown.
(Monday, 18 November 2017)
Wales won an entertaining encounter to lift their third Clash of Nations title, beating the defending champions, England, in a 9 goal thriller of a final. England took the lead through M_Zerrichen before they saw J_Sime sent off. Wales got an equaliser before the break. It was England to re-took the lead just after the hour but were pegged back quickly via an own goal. Then Wales scores two goals in as many minutes to lead 4-2 which quickly became 4-3. England claimed a deserved equaliser with 3 minutes remaining to force extra-time. Wales struck early in added time but this did not stop a pulsating 30 minutes. Both teams had chances but it was Yr Boios who held on for victory.

It was an uphill struggle for South Africa who saw L_Dracula dismissed after only 20 minutes. However, it was they who had the chance to take the lead with a penalty before the break only for J_Rowe to blast his shot over the bar. Two goals late on handed third place to America to the delight of their manager Ray Wallace.

Injury News: M_Elphick (saf) is coming back from injury.
Suspension News: I_Lauatiti (eng) is coming back from suspension while J_Redsox (ame), L_Dracula (saf) & J_Sime (eng) are suspended for 1 game.

Last-gasp Wales make final, again.
(Sunday, 17 November 2017)
Wales came back from 3-2 down at the hour mark to claim a third final berth thanks to J_Owen's injury time winner. Wales will feature in their fourth final looking to claim a record third title. America will now content for third place.

The defending chamions England dominated their Semi-Final encounter with 26 attemts on goal and 68% of possession and looked to be cruising with a two goal lead just after the break. L_Sefton reduces arrears on 72 minutes but they never threatened to force extra time. England look to match Scotland and Wales as two time winners.

Injury News: M_Gladigau (saf) is coming back from injury.
Suspension News: I_Lauatiti (eng) is suspended for 1 game.

SAF qualify with dramatic second half.
(Saturday, 16 November 2017)
South Africa destroyed Europe in a second half blitz which saw them leapfrog their opponents and quality for the Semi-Finals. Europe could have gone through losing the game but goal difference was the key problem.

America completed Group A as winners with a win against bottom of the table Scotland.

England lost to Australia - who ended the match with 9 players on the pitch, however claimed top spot thanks to that 80th minute strike from Mitch.

Wales went through in second place after seeing off a dramatic comeback from Northern Ireland, who found themselves two down after just 7 minutes.

Injury News: B_Iofan (eur) is injured for 1 day with a stomach injury and M_Gladigau (saf) is injured for 1 day with a bruised rib.
Suspension News: N_Sorrell (ast) & I_Radgavaro (ast) are both suspended for 1 game.

England stretch winning streak.
(Friday, 15 November 2017)
America and Europe played a testimonial type match knowing a point would more than likely see both countries through. Despite an entertaining 7-7 draw, the result helped neither South Africa nor Scotland in their bid to progress from Group A. Both will need to win against opponents who know a defensive performance will see them through but nobody can afford to lose and still progress! Match-day 3 should be an interesting evening.

Goals galore in Group B seems none of the managers want to protect leads! England look to have qualified to the knock-outs, edging out Wales in an 11 goal thriller. This results means England stretch their winning streak to four matches. Wales now need to win their final group game to guarantee progress to the Semi-Finals. Northern Ireland hammered Australia thanks to a four goal haul from A_Guanathe.

Injury News: B_Baxter (eur) is fit to play after shaking off a minor injury
Suspension News: T_Duddlestone (ast) is coming back from suspension.

Defending Champions off to a flyer.
(Thursday, 14 November 2017)
Two goals in the first half was enough for Europe to see off two time winners Scotland. America took their chances to narrowly defeat South Africa.

Defending champions, England, thumped the statistically poorest country in the Clash of Nations to sit pretty at the top of Group B. Wales edged a seven goal thriller in the other Groups B match, having been pegged back by Australia after taking a 2-0 lead after 23 minutes. The winner came in the 67th minute from J_Owen.

Injury News: G_Bale (sco) & D_Agger (ast) fit to play after shaking off a minor injuries.
Suspension News: J_Battersby (ame) & I_Radgavaro (ast) are returning from suspensions while T_Duddlestone (ast) is suspended for 1 game.

Clash of Nations 6 hosted by Northern Ireland clubs.
(Sunday, 12 November 2017)
The 6th installment will again not feature and Under 21 tournament through lack of interest. The tournament, to be played at the end of Season 21, will feature the Northern Ireland clubs:

Sloths Celtic, Brothers Revolution, Breffni Blues, Souls Of Paranoia FC, FC Santo Ovidio, Real Revolution & Feruza Penguins.


England are crowned champions.
(Friday, 26 August 2016)
America again lost from a winning position. They were 2-1 up after 15 minutes with Australia levelling before the break. And it was N_Sorrell's injury time goal which won it for the Aussies. Not a bad start to Neil Rowley's OFLM career.

England went one better than in CoN4 and lifted the title following an enthralling 5-3 victory over South Africa. Milo Dunne has done well to take a country which was whitewashed at CoN to the final this year and it was all looking good at half-time, when they lead 3-2. As the match approached the final 15 minutes England scored 3 goals to win the tournament. Michael Bridge can be proud of his achievement considering England has only won 4 matches before this year!

Injury News: No issues.
Suspension News: A_Morgan (ast), D_Matthewson (ast), S_Silvester (ame) & A_Tanner (ame) are coming back from suspension while I_Radgavaro (ast) & J_Battersby (ame) are suspended for 1 game (which will be served in the CoN6 first group match).

Amazing comeback for SAF gets first final.
(Thursday, 25 August 2016)
From being white-washed in 2015, South Africa will feature in their first CoN final following an astonishing second half performance. America looked like they had the game under control at half-time, leading 2-0. A_Tanner was red carded just before the hour and then three goals in 9 minutes turned the game on it's head. America went down to nine players in the later stages and SAF padded out the scoreline to make a more flattering picture with the two man advbantage.

In the final they will face England, who are also featuring in their first final - having finished 3rd in 2015. They hammered Australia who also ended the game with 9 players on the pitch.

As the losing semi-finalists, Australia and America will contest the 3rd/4th place play off, which will help determin the seedings for the next tournament.

Injury News: N_Madden (ast) is injured for 2 days with a swollen ankle.
Suspension News: D_Matthewson (ast), A_Morgan (ast), S_Silvester (ame) & A_Tanner (ame) are suspended for 1 game.

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