Please note:
Min_DF = 3
Max_DF = 5
Max_DM = 2
Min_MF = 2
Max_MF = 5
Max_AM = 2
Min_FW = 1
Max_FW = 3

 Help for submitting international team selections.
1. Check your squad:
Click onto the Countries (opens new window) page. You need to view your countries latest squad from here. Any injured or suspended players will be ineligible for selection.
2. Formation & Tactics:
Depending on the players available to you and who your opponentsare , then you need to select your formation and tactic. There are limitations to how many players in each position you can select (see left) and you can only select the following tactics: Normal, Attacking, Passing, Counter-Attack, Long Ball and European (please see the OFLM Rules - 2.6 Tactics and Formations: section for what these mean, and for tips on the bonuses each tactic will get against another.
3. Your Team Selection:
Please check for injured AND suspended players before submitting. Not doing so could lead to players being replaced for ones you didn't want to select. Team selections are made by in-game OFLM messages. So that it's clear your message is a Clash of Nations team selection, please write clearly in the SUBJECT line : TEAM SELECTION FOR [YOUR COUNTRY NAME], or just copy & paste this example!

Then you MUST copy and paste players names from your squad pages, spelling mistakes will cause delays! Your team selection should be presented like this:


GK F_Barthez
DF G_Neville
DF W_Brown
DF R_Ferdinand
DF M_Silvestre
MF D_Beckham
MF P_Scholes
MF R_Keane
MF R_Giggs
FW R_VanNistelrooy
FW D_Forlan

GK R_Carroll
DF P_Neville
DF W_Brown
MF JS_Veron
FW D_Nardiello

PK: R_VanNistelrooy

SUB FW 16 FW IF MIN = 80
Your team selection MUST follow this exact format (in this example, the team will play counter-attack in a 442 formation), or it will not work and cause severe delays in running matches. You should at least be able to copy and paste the above example and edit yourselves.

First, enter the letter for the tactic you would like to start the game with. Next leave a blank line. Then your starting 11 should ALWAYS start with the goalkeeper (GK), and that should have a space, then the players name playing in goal. The next few lines should be the defenders you want to play, then the midfielders and attackers. There should be a blank like before the substitutes. You can only select five subs, so pick wisely. Your subs are presented in exactly the same way as the first 11 with the position they play, a gap and then their name copy and pasted from the current squad. JUST THE NAME! Leave a line after the five subs and then select your penalty taker (PK:) - DO NOT forget the colon, and he will need to be a player from your starting 11. Leave another line and then you can write your SUB commands, please refer to the OFLM Rules for clarification on these.

If you have any questions then please post on the forum or message me.

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